How to Pitch Books for Review

I’ve reviewed books for NPR, The Women’s Review of Books, KirkusLos Angeles Review of Books, Full Stop, Strange Horizons, The Buenos Aires Review, and many other publications, and I’m always on the lookout for upcoming titles to pitch to my editors.

Here’s the sort of fiction I’m interested in reading and reviewing:

  1. Genre-friendly and genre-bending books.
  2. Literary fiction. (I mean this as a way of distinguishing from “commercial” fiction.)
  3. Non-commercial young adult fiction.
  4. Fiction that concerns itself with language and/or form.
  5. Experimental books.
  6. Novels-in-verse.
  7. Novels and story collections and all the genres in between.
  8. Books that have not yet been published, with as long a lead as possible.
  9. Books by female, trans, queer, nonwhite, and/or nonbinary authors.
  10. Books from small presses and large publishing houses.

Here’s the sort of nonfiction I’m interested in reading and reviewing:

  1. Memoir/personal essays.
  2. History of progressive movements, including LGBT and feminist history.
  3. Books about unsung queer, non-white, or female historical figures and artists.

Here are the kinds of books I’m not interested in reviewing:

  1. Self-published books, or books from vanity presses.
  2. Books that are in electronic form only. (I have difficulty reading on a screen, and need print ARCs.)
  3. Commercial fiction.
  4. Books that have already come out.

If you are the author or a publicist for a book that fits into the above categories, you can pitch the title to me via email: Please put “Book Pitch” and the title in the subject heading and make sure you include the publication date in the body of the email.

Please note that my interest does not guarantee a review. I have to place my reviews, and if I can’t find a home for the pitch, I can’t review it.

Thank you!