Links: New York, On Being Trapped, No Amusement

A new (again, NSFW) mini-fiction from the world of Five Stages of Grief is up at Fleshbot: “New York.”

An old professor of mine has a beautiful essay up at The Millions about being a writer in the classroom. (I was one of those pairs of eyes, once!)

Evan James does it again, ladies and gentlemen: “No Amusement May Be Made.”

As always, an amazing story from Etgar Keret is up at Electric Literature.

The Paris Review Daily, Updates

My piece on sex in Game of Thrones, “Coitus More Ferarum,” is up at the Paris Review’s blog.

I’m currently roadtripping toward Clarion. I took Route 80 from Iowa City to the Bay Area (during which I experienced: The Great Salt Lake, Lake Tahoe, the Bonneville Salt Flats, endless desert and sky, and the greatest Korean BBQ/karaoke in Laramie, WY), and then came south. I’m currently in LA. I’ll be in San Diego on Sunday. For those of you waiting for your microfictions/thank-you notes: they are coming! Just slowly.

I am so, so excited for Clarion.

Lastly, Unstuck, the amazing genre-bending publication where “Difficult at Parties” is being published this year, got a great shout-out in Poets & Writers.