Awards Eligibility & Rec List

This was a very quiet year for me, publication-wise. I had a lot of reprints from 2014, but only a handful of original short stories. They are:

Eligible Short Stories:
Carmen Maria Machado, “Horror Story” (Granta)
Carmen Maria Machado’s “Descent” (Nightmare)

Here’s what I read this year that I’m either nominating for Nebulas, or (in the case of the Interfictions stories, which I’m not eligible to nominate as their editor) suggesting for other people’s consideration. This is an evolving list; I just want to get it up on my blog.

Silvia Moreno-Garcia, Signal to Noise

Eugene Fischer, “The New Mother” (Asimov‘s)

Short Stories
Amy Parker, “Kingdom by the Sea” (Interfictions)
Rebecca Campbell, “I Just Think It Will Happen, Soon” (Interfictions)
Debbie Urbanski, “A Primer on Separation” (Interfictions)
Indrapramit Das, “Psychopomp” (Interfictions)
Shveta Thakrar, “Shimmering, Warm and Bright” (Interfictions)
Sam J. Miller, “Calved
Sam J. Miller, “When Your Child Strays from God” (Clarkesworld)
Alyssa Wong, “Hungry Daughters of Starving Mothers” (Nightmare)
Lisa Bolekaja, “Three Voices
Sadie Bruce, “”Little Girls in Bone Museums” (The Magazine of Fantasy & Science Fiction)
Kelly Link, “The Game of Smash and Recovery” (Strange Horizons)
Alice Sola Kim, “A Residence for Friendless Ladies” (The Magazine of Fantasy & Science Fiction)
Rachel Swirsky, “Tea Time” (Lightspeed)

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