The fall issue of Interfictions is out!

Exciting news: The fall issue of Interfictions is finally out! Sam J. Miller and I guest-edited the fiction, and despite the fact that editing is BASICALLY ONE OF THE HARDEST THINGS EVER, as I’ve discovered, I’m mega-proud of the issue. The stories in this issue are:

We’ll be guest-editing the spring issue, as well. If you’re thinking about submitting, a note about stuff we saw in this submission pile: For some reason, we received quite a few stories that, while they were excellent, were not in any way interstitial. Not in form, or genre, or anything. They were straight science fiction/fantasy/realism, and traditionally told at that. The problem is that even if these sorts of stories blow our socks off, we can’t publish it in Interfictions, which is a space for weird, hybrid, unclassifiable work. (The Interstitial Arts Foundation defines interstitial art here.) So we wanna see the stuff of yours that doesn’t fit anywhere else. Send it to us! *makes grabby hands*

And in the meantime, check out this issue. You won’t be disappointed.

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