Mystery & Horror Writing, Week Five

This week, our theme is “The Horror of the Real.” We are reading:

  • Thomas Glave’s “The Torturer’s Wife” (from The Torturer’s Wife)
  • Joyce Carol Oates’ “Aiding and Abetting” (from I Am No One You Know)
  • Shirley Jackson’s “Louisa, Please Come Home” (from Troubled Daughters, Twisted Wives)

We will be discussing horror/mystery/suspense that utilizes realist elements, and doing a writing exercise where students will push past the existing ending of “Aiding and Abetting.”

Next week’s theme is “Haunted Houses.” We will be reading:

  • Bennett Sims’ “House-Sitting” (from Tin House)
  • Adam L.G. Nevill’s “Where Angels Come In” (from Hauntings)
  • Julio Cortázar’s “House Taken Over” (from Bestiario)
  • An excerpt from H.P. Lovecraft’s essay “Supernatural Horror in Literature”

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