Mystery & Horror Writing, Week Four

Today we are discussing murder. Murder as horror, murder as mystery, murder as both. This being the first class that has a mystery focus, we’ll also be discussing distribution of information/clues. We’ll be talking about the following stories/essay:

We will also be doing an exercise based on the Child essay: freewriting lists of first lines designed to make the reader hungry, and sharing them with each other.

Next week’s theme is “The Horror of the Real.” Good horror is always about genuine human fears–even if it has monsters and ghosts–but these stories are nakedly about real-life horror. We will be reading:

  • Thomas Glave’s “The Torturer’s Wife” (from The Torturer’s Wife)
  • Joyce Carol Oates’ “Aiding and Abetting” (from I Am No One You Know)
  • Shirley Jackson’s “Louisa, Please Come Home” (from Troubled Daughters, Twisted Wives)

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