NANO Fiction 7.1 Has Arrived

NANO Fiction 7.1

Issue 7.1 of NANO Fiction has dropped, and you need a copy. Partially because it contains my tiny little story “Blue,” but mostly because it’s an incredible magazine chock-full of bite-sized stories that pack a surprising wallop. They are, basically, the Junior Mints of literary magazines.

I wrote “Blue” at a time in my life when both my little brother Mario and I were facing some Weird Times. I had just found out that I was being forced to graduate early from college – something I was absolutely not ready for – and my brother was about to go to school but had no idea what he really wanted to do. We met up at the Natural History Museum in Washington, DC and talked and talked while surrounded by the massive skeletons of impossibly ancient creatures. It was, I think, the first moment in my life when I recognized my brother not as just a cocky younger sibling with a penchant for driving stupidly, wrestling with his friends, and being tossed through drywall, but an adult who was just as fucking terrified as I was. It was originally written as a poem, but I soon came to realize my “poems” were just microfiction with arbitrary line breaks. So here it is, minus the arbitrary line breaks.

Thank you, NANO people, for giving my little story a voice. Also, many thanks to Michelle Huneven and my spring 2012 fiction workshop for giving me the final push to polish and submit this piece.

NANO Fiction always, always sells out, so you need a subscription, like, yesterday. Print is alive and it is beautiful.

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