Why Alice Munro Should Play ‘Gone Home’: The Video Game as Story and Experience

I’m not exactly what you’d call a “pro gamer.” I love video games, but I mostly play ones that are recommended to me, and I’m usually a few months or even years behind the release curve. I also don’t own any video game consoles–mostly because I know I have poor self-control and if I had an Xbox I’d probably never write another word again–so I usually stick to games I can play on my computer. (Occasionally, I commandeer a friend’s console and play a dizzying 12 hours of something until I realize it’s dawn and I have a serious problem. *cough* SKYRIM *cough*)

That being said: Gone Home was the most perfect video game experience I’d ever had, and one of the best reading experiences of my summer. It completely undid me. If you haven’t played it, you should. I really hope that video-games-that-are-basically-novels become more popular. That’s a trend I can completely get behind.

My essay about/review of Gone Home, “Why Alice Munro Should Play ‘Gone Home’: The Video Game as Story and Experience,” is up at Los Angeles Review of Books. It was a real pleasure to write about something that made me so unequivocally happy as a person and a writer. Play Gone Home. You can thank me later.

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