Links: Shimmer, Money, Writing as Combat

I’ve got some new content up at Shimmer‘s website: an interview and a post about how I came to write “We Were Never Alone in Space.”

The Billfold has a great essay about how Flannery O’Connor believed in the financial worth of her writing, and never wrote for free.

With zero irony, the infamous David Gilmour insists that despite refusing to teach female writers, “there isn’t a racist or a sexist bone in my body.” He also calls all his female (adult) students “girls,” declares that the woman who wrote about his initial comments obviously had some sort of agenda, tells us we shouldn’t have really taken him seriously because “It was a careless choice of words. I’m not a politician, I’m a writer,” and compares the entire situation to leaving a ” little dog doodle” on his boss’ carpet.

And in “Why Has No One Thought About This Before?” news, Peru has made book writing into a competitive spectator sport.

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