Mothership at the Brooklyn Book Festival

Yesterday was an incredible first! I traveled to Brooklyn with Mothership co-editor Bill Campbell to participate in the Brooklyn Book Festival.


I’ve never before had the opportunity to sign something that I’ve written, so it was pretty neat to get to talk to people about Mothership and scrawl my completely illegible signature across the first page of “The Hungry Earth.” Here I am at the table, grinning like a huge dork. Because I am a huge dork. But a happy one.

I also got my first chance to actually hold a print copy of Mothership. It’s such a gorgeous object! Really heavy, with that stunning cover art and a satiny finish. 

The official release date for Mothership is October 18th, but you can pre-order a copy here.

Other highlights of the Brooklyn Book Festival: meeting fellow Mothership contributor Daniel José Older, visiting the Two Dollar Radio and Sarabande tables (where I snagged a copy of L. Annette Bender’s Rise and a Praying Drunk shotglass), and seeing the wonderful Chinelo Okparanta speak at the “Storytelling: How Do We Tell Our Most Essential Stories?” panel. Thank you to everyone who stopped by, said hi, listened to us talk, and/or bought a copy of Mothership.

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