Five Stages of Grief

(Note: ALL links in this post are going to be NSFW. Some have only text, but links to Fleshbot often have explicit images. Click at your own risk.)

(Mom, do not click on anything in this post. I’m really serious about that.)

(Mom, I am not kidding.)

(Mom, please stop reading this post now.)

The big announcement!

Under my pseudonym Olivia Glass, I have published an erotic novella with Fleshbot’s new e-book imprint, Fleshbot Fiction. The novella, Five Stages of Grief, tracks the romantic and sexual tangles that happens between three women over a period of several years.

You can read an excerpt at the link above. Also, Cliterati has published another (longer) excerpt on their website. You can buy the book (formatted for any e-reader, or a PDF for those who don’t have one) here.

There are also a series of shorts from the Five Stages of Grief universe going up at Fleshbot periodically. The first one, “Ohio,” just came out today.

And also, I’m now writing a sex column for Fleshbot. You can read the first installment of “Heart of Glass” here.

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