Links: Is Writing Torture? / Girltown / Hear That Lonesome Gasket Blow

I really loved this old essay by Katie Roiphe about the white male writer and sex in literature.

Elizabeth Gilbert and Philip Roth duke it out – is writing torture?

Really gorgeous new story up at Electric Literature’s Recommended Reading: “Girltown,” by Kate Wheeler. Hits you in all of the soft spots, in a good way.

Friend and fucking brilliant writer Bennett Sims is going to be touring for his new book, “A Questionable Shape.” Are you in Iowa City, San Francisco, New York City, or St. Paul? Go see him!

Another beautiful installment in Evan James’ travelogue series is up at The Paris Review Daily.

I really love Israeli writer Etgar Keret, who writes gorgeous microfiction. One of his stories, “God the Midget,” is up at Gigantic.

Also, congratulations to all of the Nebula nominees!

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