Nebula Eligibility & Acceptances

Because I am so on top of my game, I am only realizing the day before nominations close that I am eligible for a Nebula. My short story “Difficult at Parties” came out in Unstuck at the very end of 2012. If you read and loved “Difficult at Parties,” and you’re an Active, Lifetime Active, or Associate SFWA member, please consider “Difficult at Parties” in your nomination process.

(And if you haven’t read it, pick up Unstuck here! It’s a delightfully weird magazine, with a ton of really excellent content.)

Also, I just found out that my story “We Were Never Alone in Space,” which I read at January’s reading, has been bought by Shimmer Magazine! Shimmer has such gorgeous and dark stories – I’m really excited to be a part of issue #17, due out this summer.

2 thoughts on “Nebula Eligibility & Acceptances

  1. Since there’s no place to leave comments in this copy of Unstuck v. 2, I just wanted to say that I really loved “Difficult at Parties” – it’s a lovely piece and honestly went a long way in convincing me to submit to Unstuck! Very powerful.

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