Help Raise Money for a Library (& “Real Women Have Bodies”)

My little brother Mario is a Peace Corps volunteer in Paraguay, and he’s raising money for a Spanish-language library for his community. Can you help out? Here’s what he says about the project:

“I am starting a community library in my rural Paraguayan village of Guido Almada. So far I have received some awesome donations and support from people at home for getting library books and educational materials. If you wanna help or would like to donate, you can now do so through the International Book Project. I have set up an account with them and they are now accepting donations on my behalf in order to fund shipments of Spanish language reading materials to Paraguay (I only need to raise $200 for the majority of the Spanish language materials that they have stock). You can go on their website and donate (make sure to say that you are donating on behalf of Mario Machado, Peace Corps Volunteer) or feel free to directly send me any books or educational materials that you would like to contribute. Thanks so much for all the love and support, you guys are amazing.”

Here is a link to the International Book Project. You can contact my brother about direct donations at

(Also, parts 2 and 3 of “Real Women Have Bodies” are up at Five Chapters. Only two more chapters to go!)

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