Links: Reading & Coming, Affording Clarion, Dearhearts Winning Things

I’m going to do this awesome project a favor and not mince words when describing it: Hysterical Literature shows women reading their favorite books out loud while coming. And it is hot and amazing and beautifully produced.

Neil Gaiman wants former Clarion students to share how they afforded Clarion. My short answer: the luck of having a break between my last semester of school and my post-graduate teaching post, financial aid, some savings, a lot of support from friends and family.

A terrifying article written by a now-retired high school teacher about a new crisis: how college professors are now going to be dealing with incoming college students who have been educated entirely under No Child Left Behind.

Lara Donnelly, Clarion classmate and altogether wonderful human being, is the winner of the 2013 Dell Award for Undergraduate Excellence in Science Fiction and Fantasy Writing. Go Lara! She’ll be giving a talk at this year’s ICFA.

K. Tempest Bradford listed “Inventory” as one of her favorite reads in January!

2 thoughts on “Links: Reading & Coming, Affording Clarion, Dearhearts Winning Things

  1. Sadie

    I don’t have a blog but if people are collecting how I afforded it stories – I afforded Clarion through financial aid (every penny counts, so grateful), selling some vintage clothes I loved (worth it), and asking everyone I knew if they could contribute. It was hard asking but someone came through who I NEVER in a million years thought would and they came through big. Ah, god, tearing up thinking about it.

    I have two kids. I am the sole earner in my household. I had zero savings. I took a months unpaid leave and left that month unpaid on my mortgage – basically begged the mortgage company to let me pay double when I could and they smiled, obliged, then fucked me over later. Still, I would do it again.

    The money will come. I promise. It means sacrifice of time and things but really, you’ll get it.

  2. Eliza

    Man, the “trust-fundees and people supported by parents/spouses” thing over on Neil’s tumblr was a real asshole comment. I afforded Clarion by working a job I hated for four years after college and living super cheap and saving every penny I could in the hope that someday an opportunity like this would come along. I’d had my eye on Clarion since age 14.

    Luck (no bankrupting medical problems or long periods of unemployment) and diligence (no credit card debt or mortgage, living in tiny-ass apartments with secondhand furniture) worked together. Obviously not everyone gets to be as lucky as me, but sniping that I must have had rich parents cover it for me really grinds my gears.

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