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First day of teaching today! I woke up super-early in excitement. Apparently, my brain can’t distinguish between the first day of being in school and the first day of teaching school.

I’m teaching another section of “From Divorce to Dystopia: Reading & Writing Young Adult Fiction” this spring. Thanks to the feedback from last semester’s amazing class, the content and structure of the course is going to be even more awesome. I’ve added a book – in addition to The Hunger Games, M.T. Anderson’s Feed, and The Book Thief by Markus Zusack, we’re reading John Green’s The Fault in Our Stars – as well as new short fiction, new exercises, and a cumulative class project: a final magazine of my students’ fiction and YA book/story reviews. I’m really excited to see what the semester will bring, and to meet my new students. I’ve made a resolution this semester to write more about teaching – I’ve only done it a few times before – so watch for those posts.

Writing Updates:

It’s been a week since my first professional, full-length story (and its podcast) went up on the internet for everyone to read. What a rush! There’s a really wonderful review of “Inventory” up at Tangent Online:

“Its explicit, brutal and masterful in its depiction of the shifting distances between corporeal lust and human connection…”

And it was also featured on FictionDaily.

In other fiction news, this week’s story at Strange Horizons is Damien Walters Grintalis’ Dysphonia in D Minor. Also, Theodora Goss’ story “Child-Empress of Mars” has just been reprinted at Lightspeed.

2 thoughts on “Teaching & Links

  1. Sadiebug

    God I want to take your class. Will you let me in for free? I’m so thrilled you’re teaching Feed. I love the shit out of that shit.

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