Things to Read and Do Before the Year Turns

The brilliant and wonderful Sadie Mattox has a new story up at Daily Science Fiction, “The Race.”

Talented friends Amy Parker and Gregory Brown were finalists for Narrative’s Fall 2012 Story Contest, for their stories “Endangered Creatures” and “Up the Mountain, into the Sun,” respectively.

The lovely Danica Cummins has a poem up at Kaleidoscope, “The Murk-Journal (or Once Beyond a Time).”

If you’re a speculative writer, you have four more days to submit to Unstuck. Do it!

Once, after reading a series of metaphor-heavy, dramatic letters between me and an ex, a friend of mine observed, “this is why I would never date a writer.” In the spirit of such wisdom, “‘This Was Like Dating a Priest’: Famous Authors’ Breakup Letters” from The Atlantic.

Also, a reminder: I am reading alongside some other amazing queer speculative writers at Bluestockings in NYC on January 7th.

See you in 2013!

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