Links (and Pride) from the Road

I’m a day away from arriving back in Iowa City, after a long summer of roadtripping to and from Clarion – and, of course, Clarion itself. I’m exhausted and happy and missing Clarion folks and missing Iowa folks and ready to start a year of writing and teaching. I have some post-Clarion thoughts that I’m still compiling and processing. For now, you’ll have to do with my classmate, the incomparable Sam J. Miller, and his brilliantly transcribed notes and advice from all six weeks of Clarion – advice from our amazing instructors and visitors, and from each other.

In other news: my former Iowa instructor Alexander Chee has written a wonderful piece on writing colonies. My mentor and former instructor Harvey Grossinger’s novella “The Quarry” is going be included in an upcoming anthology The New Diaspora: The Changing Face of American Jewish Fiction. My former Iowa instructor Wells Tower had a great piece in GQ last month about porn star James Deen.

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