It begins.

I have, I think, just started the beginning a novel-length manuscript. I am busily outlining and sketching out scenes, and the plot just keeps growing, the number of potential characters expanding. I’ve only ever written one story of any size–a novella that is still raw and very unfinished–but this feels really promising. I’m trying not to let anxiety take hold in my brain–right now, I’m just trying to feel fresh and excited. Four thousand words yesterday, two thousand today… who knows what’ll happen tomorrow?

2 thoughts on “It begins.

  1. Mommy

    Remember my Aunt Maggie asking you at age 10 or 12,if you had “suffered enough in your young life to write like you do”. Well even though I don’t think you have suffered, you certainly have alot of life experiences to draw from. Keep the creative juices flowing!

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