A three-year-old recites Billy Collins’ “Litany”.

I recently posted a video of a little boy reciting Tennyson’s “The Eagle”. It turns out he loves to memorize other poems. Here he is reciting one of my favorite Billy Collins* poems, “Litany“.

I was an avid memorizer when I was small–long before I could read, I would memorize books and poems and recite them to family and strangers alike, often spouting them off at an almost incomprehensible speed. (Though my mother could hear the rhythm and cadence of the language in these familiar stories, and recognized them when no one else did.) I think it’s just one of those strange things that some children do, even when they don’t understand what the words mean.

*Also? Fie on Billy Collins haters. I’m looking at you, Anis Shivani. Anyone who says nasty things about Mary Oliver, Amy Hempel, Billy Collins, Marilynne Robinson, and Michael Cunningham in the same article will get nothing but scorn from me.

2 thoughts on “A three-year-old recites Billy Collins’ “Litany”.

  1. Mommy

    That is true except that it was long before you could speak words. I was amazed then and even now that you could do that. You are destined for Greatness!

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