The Iowa City Farmers Market

I went with my roommate and two other members of my cohort to the Iowa City Farmers Market on Wednesday. I may not be in California anymore, with her cheap and bountiful produce selection, but the long rows of glistening cucumbers and zucchinis and the crates of green and golden corn were something extraordinary. We bought cucumbers and sweet corn and took it back to my house, where we peeled the dark, waxy skin off the cucumbers and devoured the watery wheels, and then boiled the corn before we slathered it in butter, salt, and pepper. It was sweet and hot and delicious.

One thought on “The Iowa City Farmers Market

  1. Mommy

    I wish I was there to enjoy that corn, Yum! My sister just told me that when you boil corn, you add sugar and lemon to the water, not salt, like I thought and your corn will taste even better. Enjoy!

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