And then it broke.

I am beginning to understand the nuanced levels of heat around here. The last three days have been almost unbearable–a dizzying and uncomfortable heat and humidity that I remember from when I lived in Washington. But then those fantastic thunderstorms rolled through–complete with an utterly alarming tornado siren that went off in the distance and sent my high-strung East Coast disposition into a tizzy–and now the humidity is broken. I walked to the library today and though it was hot, I didn’t arrive bathing in my own sweat, like I’ve done every day since I arrived.

Speaking of which, the Iowa City Public Library is something to behold. Beautiful.

I spent yesterday wandering around Iowa City with Evan, again. I was able to get tasks done (getting a library card, getting copies of my house key made) and socialize at the same time. He seems to have met everyone this summer, and introduced me to the owner of Artifacts, where it took all of my self control not to buy a pair of cowboy boots, and the people at Deluxe, where I met a former Workshopper named Bridget, drank coffee, and admired the amazing retro decor. We also met the wine guy, Wally, at John’s Grocery, who talked to us about Iowa wines and spirits, and the Iowa winter–a subject that, I’ll admit, made me slightly nervous. I spent a great deal of that visit fondling the port selection. I will have to come back when I have money.

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